Research management

Research management in the School is undertaken by the School’s Research Director Professor Sarah Green, Deputy Research Director Professor Patrick Capps, Impact Director Professor Gavin Philipson and Deputy Impact Director Peter Dunne, the Head of School Professor Ken Oliphant, as well as the Research and Impact Committee (which consists of the above, as well as Heads of Primary Unit and the Chair of the Law Research Ethics Committee).

Socio-legal research is a key area of expertise in the School and we take the ethical integrity of research seriously. The Research Ethics Committee (LREC) reviews every research proposal (whether from staff or students) involving human participants. Additional oversight applies to students whose applications must be signed off and submitted by their supervisor. Guided primarily by the University‘s Ethics of Research Policy and Procedure and the SLSA Statement of Principles of Ethical Research Practice, the LREC also draws upon other ethical codes and relevant legal guidance. A detailed guidance pack (including past successful applications) is provided and advice offered within ten working days. More complex applications or issues are referred for advice (or appeal) to Faculty and University research committee level (that includes independent lay member participation).

At Faculty level research is overseen by the Faculty Research Director (Professor Deborah Wilson), the Faculty Research Strategy Committee and ultimately by the University Research Committee.

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