Accessibility and support information

Help using the library

If you want to arrange help before coming to the library or want to discuss any extra support you may need, contact Library Support. The Library Support office is open for general enquiries Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm.

Library Support contacts

Tel: +44 (0)117 928 8502 | Internal 88502
Textphone users can call via typetalk 18001 0117 928 8502

Please contact us to book an appointment with Library Support

Library Support Coordinator (Dyslexia and Disability)

Mary Lockwood

Library Support Supervisor

Julia Richardson

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

Contact us before you visit the library to discuss your needs. Contact details above.


Library Support provides a range of services to ensure everyone can access library resources.

These services are available to library users who:

  • have a disability
  • have dyslexia (or other specific learning difficulties)
  • study part-time
  • are distance based
  • have caring responsibilites 
  • have short-term health care needs

If you wish to check your eligibility for our services or discuss any specific requirements, please contact Library Support.  

Services available and who can use them
ServiceDisabled and Dyslexic usersPart-time and distance learners
Loan extensions yes part-time only
Book retrieval yes yes
Photocopying and scanning yes yes
Private study rooms yes no
Guides and information on Assisitive Technology  yes  no
Use of Assistive Technology Room yes no
Alternative formats print disabled users only no


You need to register with Library Support to use these services.

How to register 

An appointment to discuss your specific requirements will be required to set up access to the private study rooms, the assistive technology room and the alternative format service. 

  • You can register in person by booking an appointment with Library Support -please get in touch. 
  • You can register in person by dropping in to the Library Support office in Arts and Social Sciences Library (without an appointment we cannot guarantee availability). We will discuss your particular needs and give you a quick introduction to our services.

Loan extensions

Loan periods are extended on issue and renewal for disabled and dyslexic students who are registered with Library Support. Part time students have extended loans applied as standard.  

  • 7 day loan items extended to 14 days

You cannot extend the loan period of a book that has been reserved by someone else.

Please contact us if you need to borrow any of the following for a longer period:

  • Standard loan items
  • 1 day loan items
  • Journals/serials (7 days)

Disabled and dyslexic students who have signed up for this service must tell us about any changes to personal and course details.  This may include a name, address,  or course end date change. It also applies if you get a new Ucard.

You will need to inform the library of any of the above changes as your library record does not update automatically with the central student records.

Renewing extended loans

Find out how to renew your loan.

Book retrieval

We can retrieve books on your behalf. Complete the form to request up to five items. Requests take up to five days.

There are a range of ways to receive items requested depending on your needs. 

  • choose a library to collect your items from 
  • arrange for your items to be posted to your home address
  • authorise someone to collect books for you if you will have difficulty accessing the library

Complete the relevant fields in the form.

You are responsible for returning the items.

Items may be recalled if another user wants to use them.

Photocopying and scanning

Library service 

Complete the form to request an item to be photocopied or scanned for you. Requests take up to five working days.


When requesting any of these services you must be aware of copyright regulations.


You will be charged 10p per page. This will be added to your library account. 


There are a range of ways to recieve photocopying and scanning requests depending on your needs.

  • choose a library to collect your items from
  • arrange for scanned items to be emailed to your University of Bristol account
  • arrange for your items to be posted to your home address
  • authorise someone to collect your items for you if you have difficulty accessing the library

Complete the relevant fields in the form.


There are scanning facilities available in many libraries. Check the facilities listed for the library you want to visit.

If you are a disabled or dyslexic user you can use the scanners in the Assistive technology room, room 15 and in the sound-proofed study room in the Arts and Social Sciences Library.


You must be aware of copyright regulations.

Private study rooms

The Arts and Social Sciences Library has private study rooms that can be booked. They are available to use seven days a week from 8 am to 11.45 pm

Resources available in private study rooms
Roomwho can use roommaximum stayresources
Silent study: Rooms A, B, 15, 16 individual

3 hours (can be extended if room not booked) 

Room 15 has a PC and scanner
Sound-proofed shared space individual/shared

3 hours (can be extended if room not booked) 

PC and scanner Dragon software
Silent study: Room C individual

All day booking


How to book a room: 

Assistive Technology room

The library has a range of assistive technology and other equipment available to support your work.

You can use the Assistive Technology room located on the ground floor of the Arts and Social Science Library.

Priority is given to those using the technology and equipment only available in this room and  to those with access requirements.

Alternative formats

  • We can provide core reading list material in alternative formats to standard print. You will need a referral from Disability Services.
  • We can show you and a support worker how to use equipment to produce alternative formats. You can book a computer and scanner to do this.

Create your own alternative formats

Use the online tool below to convert short documents into a more accessible format.

Create alternative formats, including: MP3 audio, DAISY, DAISY Math, Braille, and e-books.

Conditions of use:

This service is for University of Bristol students and staff who have a print disability and wish to make accessible copies of material you have either purchased, or borrowed from University of Bristol Library. The conditions for using this service are as follows:

  • the accessible copies will only be made by or on behalf of a user with a print disability
  • you have determined that no version of the material is commercially available in an appropriate format
  • the copies will be for your/the disabled user’s personal use and further copies will not be shared with others

These conditions comply with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Section 31A.

Please note: a University of Bristol email address is required. 

Accessible and inclusive reading list

A range of resources that offer students and staff self-help and support.

Access library buildings

Find detailed access information about accessing our library buildings.

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