Government and official publications

The library has extensive holdings of British government and official publications, both in print and online.

Online publications

The following databases provide access to the UK parliamentary papers listed on this page:

House of Commons Papers 

  • from 1715 (some earlier) to the current session on HCPP
  • 1997/98 Session onwards on PIO
  • 2005/06 Session onwards on GOV

House of Commons Bills 

  • up to the current session on HCPP
  • 2006/07 Session onwards on PIO

House of Lords Papers

  • 1714-1805 on HCPP
  • 1955/56 Session onwards on PIO

House of Lords Bills 

  • 1714-1805 on HCPP
  • 1956/57 Session onwards on PIO

Command Papers 

  • up to the current session on HCPP
  • some 1994 onwards on GOV
  • 1967/68 Session onwards on PIO

Public Bill and General Committee Debates 

  • up to 2004 on HCPP
  • 2006/07 Session onwards on PIO

Printed publications

Research Reserve

We hold print resources up to 1918 covering the following areas:

  • UK parliamentary papers
  • selected non-parliamentary papers
  • UK and overseas statistics
  • public and social policy-related publications

Most of these are not listed in Library Search. To use these you must request an item from the Research Reserve.

Education Library

  • Education-related UK reports and statistics

Other libraries

Some of our other libraries hold small numbers of Government publications. When you find a Government publication on Library Search you will be given the location and the loan period.

If you would like to see a Government publication that is not held by us or available online you can use our inter-library loans service.

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