Penguin Historical Files: DM1294

Hans Schmoller's notebook

The Penguin Historical Files contain information on the history of Penguin Books Ltd. from 1935 to the 1980s.  The majority of these papers were accumulated by Penguin Books to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary in 1985, but they also include later deposits.

This collection is arranged as follows:

DM1294 Contents page (36.5 Kb, doc)
DM1294/1 Scrapbooks (67.0 Kb, doc)
DM1294/2 Photographs, negatives and slides (542 Kb, doc)
DM1294/3 Research files (by date) (217 Kb, doc)
DM1294/4 Research files (by topic) (177 Kb, doc)
DM1294/5 Peter Mayer's files for Penguin's 50th anniversary (101 Kb, doc)
DM1294/6 Video and audio cassettes (184 Kb, doc)
DM1294/7 Penguin 50th anniversary visitors' book and exhibition captions (30.5 Kb, doc)
DM1294/8 Penguin publication programmes and book promotions (42.0 Kb, doc)
DM1294/9 Christmas books, pirated Penguin books, authors' manuscripts and papers (89.0 Kb, doc)
DM1294/10 Book catalogues and stock lists (222 Kb, doc)
DM1294/11 Puffin Club magazines (84.5 Kb, doc)
DM1294/12 Promotional and Point-of-Sale material (132 Kb, doc)
DM1294/13 Colophons and logos (1.96 MB, doc)
DM1294/14 Interviews and obituaries (144 Kb, doc)
DM1294/15 Anniversaries and celebrations (130 Kb, doc)
DM1294/16 Typography and design (290 Kb, doc)
DM1294/17 Penguin Group series and abandoned series (152 Kb, doc)
DM1294/18 Books about Penguin Books (40.5 Kb, doc)
DM1294/19 Penguin Series General Editorial Files (44.5 Kb, doc)

Dates of Creation: 1935-1987

Extent: 107 archive boxes

Immediate Source of Acquisition: On deposit with the University of Bristol Special Collections from Penguin Books Ltd.

Access Conditions: Accessible to all bona fide readers with written permission from Penguin Books Ltd.  A typescript catalogue is available in Special Collections.  Work is being carried out on updating this catalogue.

Copyright/Reproduction: Permission to copy material must be obtained from Penguin Books Ltd and the University of Bristol Library Special Collections.

See also:
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