Thesis collection

The thesis collection in the Education Library includes: EdD, PhD, MPhil, and a selection of Masters theses written by staff and students of the Graduate School of Education. Many theses written before 2005 have been relocated to the Library Store.

How to find a thesis

Use the online catalogue to find details of a particular thesis. The catalogue has details of all Education theses held in the Education Library and in the Library Store. Handlists are also available from the Education Library Issue Desk.

Visit the how to find a particular thesis or dissertation page for further advice.

How do I consult a thesis?

Ask at the Issue Desk to consult research theses, Masters theses written from 2009 onwards and theses written by Graduate School of Education staff. Please quote the author and date when you request a thesis.

Masters theses written before 2009 are on the open shelves in the Collaborative Study Area. They have a location of 'Thesis CSA'. For statistical purposes please return them to the Issue Desk once you have consulted them rather than returning them to the shelves.

Theses are for use in the Education Library only, they cannot be borrowed and taken out of the library.

Other theses

Details of Bristol higher degree theses by research, as well as those of other universities can be found on the Index to Theses. Index to Theses and other databases covering theses can be accessed via the Theses Cross-search on MetaLib.

Some UK theses can be accessed online via the British Library's EThOS service. Please see the Inter-Library Loans page for further information.