Reading Lists: support for staff

The Reading Lists service enables you to create and maintain online reading lists, and request digitised scans of print resources required for teaching.

You can use the Reading Lists service to create full unit reading lists (containing details of print materials and online resources, and structured according to your teaching programme), or simply to host scans of book chapters/excerpts and journal articles required for the unit.

In both cases, the basic procedure is the same.  The support guides on the right will show you how to create your list, and add resources to it; if you only wish to use the service to request and host scans, you will only need to add the resources from which the scans are to be taken.

Once you have created a list, you can update it and reuse it year on year.  Your subject librarian can provide further advice and support on how best to use Reading Lists for your unit.

Changes to eReserve

Reading Lists replaces the eReserve service for requesting and hosting scans of book chapters/excerpts and journal articles from the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year.

If you are a former eReserve user, your scans from 2016-17 have already been transferred to Reading Lists in preparation for 2017-18.  Please visit our dedicated webpage for further information.


If you require additional advice or support in creating and editing your list, please contact your subject librarian.

For more information about requesting scans, please contact the Content Procurement team at

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