Potential supervisors in the Department of Management

We have staff particularly interested in supervising PhD students in the following areas:

SupervisorsResearch areas
Professor Jonathan Beaverstock The global mobility of talent (expatriation, international assignments, intra-company transfers and business travel);
the internationalization strategies of globalising executive search firms in Europe and South-East Asia;
highly-skilled international labour migration and the competitiveness of the City of London;
High Net Worth Individuals (the global super-rich) and the rapidly globalizing private wealth management industry.  
Dr Humphrey Bourne Currently have limited availability for supervision for research that focuses on values in organizations (change in values, relationship between personal and organizational values, etc), and organizational identity, particularly in not-for-profit organizations and following mergers or reorganization.
Dr Brian Dangerfield Application of system dynamics modelling to business, economics and health.
Systems Thinking
Professor Andrew Friedman Professions, professionalism and professional bodies
Dr Patricia Gayá Action research in professional and organisational practice.
Eco-philosophy, deep ecology, eco-feminism, and contrasts with the mechanistic paradigm.
Managerial and organisational action for sustainability and ecological well-being.
Dr Robin Klimecki The political economy of business and management
postfoundational and pschychoanalytical views on financialization and the financial crisis
debt and poverty
contestation and affect in contemporary capitalism
alternative economic visions
critical social theory
Dr Mary Phillips Entrepreneurship and gender
Green entrepreneurship
Representations of organisation in popular culture
Feminist approaches to sustainability
Dr Ann Rippin Qualitative research methodologies and in particular, arts-based inquiry, collaborative and biographical approaches and writing as inquiry
Art and aesthetics in organisations
Organisations and their histories, including foundation stories
Organisation and narrative
Dr Gregory Schwartz Global transformation of Work and Organisation;
Labour and Society in Eastern Europe;
Labour Relations, Trade Unions and Labour Movements in Eastern Europe;
Political Economy; Organisation Theory; Economic and Political Sociology;
Comparative and Historical Sociology;
Qualitative Methods;
Extended Case Method;
Professor Andrew Sturdy Active non-use of external management consultancy
Organizing for management innovation
Public sector use of consultancy
Consulting occupations
Cross-national variation in use of external experts
Management consultancy and elites
Backstage management consultancy
Advice giving
Dr Sheena Vachhani Critical management studies
Gender, Ethics, Embodiment
Leadership and corporeality
Ethico-political feminist resistance
Domesticity and women’s work
Dr Thierry Viale Social theory.
Communication consultancy.
Competence and skills.
Internet measurement and scrutiny. Aboriginal entrepreneurship.
Dr Xiaojun Wang Supply chain modelling and simulation
Eco-design/green supply chain management
Risk assessment
Planning and scheduling of manufacturing systems
Applications of food traceability systems
Professor Deborah Wilson Public management and public service reform
Governance, accountability and performance management in public service contexts
New Public Management, performance measurement, motivation and incentives
Education reform, performance management and outcomes
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