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ERC Funded PhD Studentship in Soft Matter

13 December 2018

ERC PhD Studentship in Soft Matter

The School of Mathematics is one of the leading centres for research and teaching in mathematical sciences in the UK, and offers a stimulating and friendly environment with first-rate facilities. This PhD Studentship is funded by an ERC grant Soft Water: understanding what makes a fluid behave like water

Water is not only the most abundant material on Earth, but also one of the least understood, with a vast array of anomalous behavior. The students will work under the supervision of Dr. John Russo on understanding the thermodynamic and dynamic properties of materials with tetrahedral interactions, such as water, silicon, and carbon, through the use of state-of-the-art molecular simulation techniques. The work involves the development of computational coarse-grained models, and their application to study both equilibrium and non-equilibrium phenomena, such as phase behavior, crystal nucleation, crystal growth, glass-forming ability, etc.

Funding:  Includes tuition fees, research travel grant and a full stipend at the EPSRC DTA rate (£14,777 in 2018/19) for 3.5 years.


Further information

How to apply: Please make an online application for this project selecting Mathematics (PhD) as the programme choice. When prompted in the Funding and Research Details sections of the form, specify that you wish to be considered  for the ERC Soft Matter  studentship. 

Additional advice on how to complete your application can be found on our postgraduate application advice page.

Candidate requirements:  To be considered for this funded PhD studentship, applicants must hold (or expect to receive) a First Class degree (or equivalent) in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or related subjects. Some experience in computer programming is welcome.

Further details: Dr John Russo

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