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Publication - Dr Edward Crane

    Intrinsic circle domains


    Crane, ET, 2014, ‘Intrinsic circle domains’. Conformal Geometry and Dynamics, vol 18., pp. 65-84


    Using quasiconformal mappings, we prove that any Riemann surface of finite connectivity and finite genus is conformally equivalent to an intrinsic circle domain U in a compact Riemann surface S. This means that each connected component B of S\U is either a point or a closed geometric disc with respect to the complete constant curvature conformal metric of the Riemann surface U union B. Moreover, the pair (U, S) is unique up to conformal isomorphisms. We give a generalization to countably infinite connectivity. Finally, we show how one can compute numerical approximations to intrinsic circle domains using circle packings and conformal welding.

    Full details in the University publications repository