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  Reverend Professor Martin Gainsborough
Post(s): Professor of Development Politics, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My research is in the politics of development and the intersection between politics and theology. I am interested in bringing...
Keywords: Politics and development | Theology and politics | Church of England | Public theology
  Dr Ann Gaitonde
Post(s): Reader in Aerodynamics, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics Research Group. My research concerns the development of numerical methods...
Keywords: aerodynamics | fluid dynamics | unsteady fluid flows | fluid | rotors | wings | incompressible flows | free surface flows
  Professor Carmen Galan
Post(s): Professor of Organic and Biological Chemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: Development of novel synthetic tools such as oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates and functional glyco-nanomaterials for biology...
Keywords: carbohydrate chemistry | glycobiology | oligosaccharide synthesis | glycopeptides | ionic liquids | enzymology | functional nanomaterials
  Professor Edwin Gale
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: Work with Franco Bottazzo on the Bart’s-Windsor Family Study founded by Andrew Cudworth, led to the establishment of the...
Keywords: diabetes | type 1 diabetes | future onset of diabetes | childhood onset diabetes | human brain
  Dr Marina Gall
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School of Education
Areas of expertise: Teaching and learning in Music, ICT and Musical Learning, creativity, comparative professional education and development. Between...
Keywords: teaching | learning | teaching music | learning music | musical learning | comparative professional education | music education
  Professor Tim Gallagher
Post(s): Dean of the Faculty of Science and Professor of Organic Chemistry, Science Faculty Office
Areas of expertise: The stereocontrolled synthesis of functionalised N- and O-containing heterocycles is a central theme which has involved...
Keywords: heterocyclic chemistry | synthetic methodology | natural product synthesis | neurotransmission | carbohydrate chemistry | carbohydrate based interactions
  Dr Ayalvadi Ganesh
Post(s): Reader in Complexity Sciences, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: I am interested in the mathematical modelling of communication and computer networks, and in decentralised algorithms for...
Keywords: probabilistic modelling | communication networks | large deviations | queuing theory | random graphs | decentralised algorithms | complex networks
  Dr Geetanjali Gangoli
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School for Policy Studies
Areas of expertise: I work on different aspects of violence against women including domestic violence and forced marriage in the UK among South...
Keywords: forced marriage | domestic violence | trafficking for prostitution | sex work | ethnic minority communities | violence against women | Indian women
  Dr Ludivine Garside
Post(s): Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol Law School
Areas of expertise: I am a part-time research assistant and part-time research student. My main research interests lie in the fields of committees...
Keywords: committees of experts | law and economics | regulation
  Dr Kevin Gaston
Post(s): Reader in Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the causative agent of cervical cancer, a disease responsible for 200,000 to 300,000 deaths...
Keywords: cancer | gene regulation | papillomavirus | cervical cancer | HPV | protein-DNA interactions | genital warts | biochemistry
  Dr Paul Gates
Post(s): Research Fellow, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: My speciality and area of research is the analysis of natural products and complex organic molecules by tandem and sequential...
Keywords: mass spectrometry | ion fragmentation | natural products | complex organic molecules | gas-phase chemistry | inorganic mass spectrometry
  Dr Tom Gaunt
Post(s): Reader in Bioinformatics, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: Molecular Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and obesity: I am funded by the British Heart Foundation...
Keywords: molecular genetics | cardiovascular disease | obesity | genes | bioinformatics | genome-wide association
  Dr Martin Genner
Post(s): Reader in Evolutionary Ecology, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: I am interested in the ecological and evolutionary processes have shaped spatial and temporal patterns of biological diversity,...
Keywords: population genetics | aquatic environments | European marine fishes | fishes of the East African great lakes | climate change | conservation genetics | pelagic fishes
  Professor Sarah George
Post(s): Professor of Cardiovascular Signalling, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: We are currently examining a relatively unstudied area; the role of cadherin mediated cell-cell contacts and Wnts in the...
Keywords: cells | cadherins | smooth muscle cells | cardiovascular disease | proliferation | migration | apoptosis | plaque rupture
  Dr Henkjan Gersen
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School of Physics
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the Nanophysics and Soft Matter Group. My research in the field of nano-optics is directed towards actively...
Keywords: nanophysics | nano-optics
  Professor Rupert Gethin
Post(s): Professor of Buddhist Studies, Department of Religion and Theology
Areas of expertise: My main research interest is the history and development of Buddhist thought in the Nikayas and Abhidhamma. I am currently...
Keywords: Buddhist thought | Buddhism | Nikayas | Abhidhamma | Buddhist path | Pali Nikayas
  Dr Mohamed Ghorbel
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: We are using genomics and proteomics to study the molecular processes underlying reoxygenation injury in children undergoing...
Keywords: genomics | proteomics | reoxygenation | heart disease | myocardial protection | cardiac myocytes
  Dr Frances Giampapa
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Education, School of Education
Areas of expertise: Research Interests Negotiation of identities in multilingual contexts; Critical ethnography; Issues of methodology in...
Keywords: identity | multilingual contexts | critical ethnography | language research | multiliteracies | equity in education | language contact | linguistic ideologies
  Dr Mhairi Gibson
Post(s): Reader in Anthropology, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
Areas of expertise: My research interests lie in the field of human behavioural ecology: using concepts from evolutionary biology to explain...
Keywords: human behavioural ecology | evolutionary biology | ecology | evolution | natural selection | child health | population changes
  Professor Wendy Gibson
Post(s): Professor of Protozoology, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: My general area of research is Molecular Parasitology, specifically the African trypanosomes. Research interests include...
Keywords: molecular parasitology | African trypanosomes | sexual reproduction in trypanosomes | molecular evolution of trypanosomes | sleeping sickness | protozoa | animal trypanosomiasis
  Professor Iain Gilchrist
Post(s): Professor of Neuropsychology, School of Experimental Psychology
Areas of expertise: I am interested in human visual perception and cognition. My research combines what we see, how we see and the process of...
Keywords: human vision | perception | eye movements | visual attention
  Professor Paula Giliker
Post(s): Professor in Comparative Law, University of Bristol Law School
Areas of expertise: I teach and research in the law of contract and tort, in particular the comparative law of obligations and I have published...
Keywords: contract law | tort law | contracts | comparative law of obligations | comparative tort law | comparative law | vicarious liability | contractual remedies
  Dr Kathleen Gillespie
Post(s): Reader in Molecular Medicine, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I am a molecular biologist with a long term interest in the genetic mechanisms underlying autoimmunity. I joined the Diabetes...
Keywords: autoimmunity | genetic mechanisms | maternal cells | functional pancreatic beta cells | NK cells | autoimmune diabetes | diabetes | Down's syndrome
  Dr Francesco Giovannoni
Post(s): Reader in Economics, Department of Economics
Areas of expertise: I am an applied microeconomic theorist. I work on political issues such as lobbying and corruption, and the study of political...
Keywords: lobbying | corruption | auctions | game theory | microeconomics | politics | institutions
  Dr Luca Giuggioli
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Department of Engineering Mathematics
Areas of expertise: My general interest is the construction of spatially explicit theoretical models, validated through experimental observations,...
Keywords: animal movement | animal interactions and territoriality | anomalous diffusion | complexity sciences | spatio-temporal ecological patterns | non-equilibrium statistical physics | foraging and search strategies | disease spread
  Dr Paul Glennie
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Geography, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: I am interested in historical geography, especially of late-medieval and early modern England; demography; consumption, urbanism...
Keywords: historical geography | demography | geographies of times & timing | geographies of wages & work in early modern England | consumption | urbanism & development of modern consumer societies
  Dr David Glowacki
Post(s): Royal Society Research Fellow, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: I am a theoretical scientist with a range of interest. At the University of Bristol, I use tools from classical and quantum...
Keywords: computational chemistry | classical and quantum mechanics | microscopic molecular physics | interaces between science and art
  Dr Ruth Glynn
Post(s): Reader in Modern Italian Culture, Department of Italian
Areas of expertise: My research interests lie in late twentieth-century Italian culture and include representations of the anni di piombo; postmodernism;...
Keywords: Italian culture | anni di piombo | poatmodernism | historical novel | philosophy of history | Italy | political violence | film
  Professor Patrick Godfrey
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of expertise: My area of expertise is systems thinking applied to complex engineering topics such as: infrastructure design, operations...
Keywords: design | engineering | infrastructure design | operations & management | systems
  Dr Arthur Goldsmith
Post(s): Honorary Reader in Biological Sciences, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the Behaviour, Sensory and Neurobiology research group which is interested in understanding the adaptive...
Keywords: social learning in animals | reproduction in birds | sexual selection and signalling | stress and welfare in birds
  Professor Harvey Goldstein
Post(s): Professor of Social Statistics, School of Education
Areas of expertise: My principal research activity is in the Methodology of multilevel modelling where I have been one of the leaders in the...
Keywords: statistical modelling | assessment models | educational effectiveness | value added indicators | multilevel modelling
  Professor Joel Goldstein
Post(s): Professor of Physics, School of Physics
Areas of expertise: I am a particle physicist, primarily involved in the analysis of data taken by the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment...
Keywords: particle physics | CERN | Fermilab | Large Hadron Collider (LHC) | CMS experiment | Higgs boson | top quark | detectors
  Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill
Post(s): Professor of Health and Anthropology, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I am a social anthropologist by background, who applies the techniques of anthropology and other qualitative methods in applied...
Keywords: social anthropology | health research | long-term pain | osteoarthritis | disability in later life | clinical decision-making | arthritis
  Professor David Gordon
Post(s): Professorial Research Fellow in Social Justice, School for Policy Studies
Areas of expertise: I am an expert on poverty and poverty related research. I am director of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research...
Keywords: poverty and deprivation | health inequalities | social inclusion | disability | social justice | Third World | resource allocation | census
  Professor Alexander Gorodnik (Gorodnyk)
Post(s): Professor of Pure Mathematics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: My research interests are in the theory of dynamical systems and and its connections with other branches of mathematics such...
Keywords: ergodic theory & dynamical systems | number theory
  Professor Joachim Gottsmann
Post(s): Professor of Volcanology, School of Earth Sciences
Areas of expertise: My research concerns the dynamics of volcanic activity. I apply geophysical methods to investigate how and why volcanoes...
Keywords: volcano | hydrothermal systems
  Professor Julian Gough
Post(s): Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science
Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science, Department of Computer Science
Areas of expertise: I have a background in protein structure which I use to study molecular evolution by developing bioinformatics tools and...
Keywords: bioinformatics | genomics | computational biology | evolution
  Dr David Grant
Post(s): Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Simulation and Inter-professional Learning Lead for Medicine, Centre for Medical Education
Areas of expertise: Cardiac Intensive Care; Renal Support; Fluids and Electrolyte. I have been the Director of the Bristol Paediatric Simulation...
Keywords: paediatric intensive care | paediatrics | simulation | renal support | fluids & electrolyte
  Dr Duncan Grant
Post(s): Visiting Fellow, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Areas of expertise: The management of electrical energy at all power levels by means of power electronics. This includes battery-powered...
Keywords: battery-powered products | radio | human-powered products | power semiconductor devices | power electronics | batteries | photovoltaic energy
  Mr Stephen Gray
Post(s): Senior Research Data Librarian, Library Services
Areas of expertise: I have published around the conservation and the digital preservation of our cultural heritage. My special interests are...
Keywords: digital art | installation art | digital preservation | digital media | digitisation | conservation | film and television archives | video
  Professor Peter Green
Post(s): Professorial Research Fellow, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: I am a statistical scientist, principally interested in modelling complex stochastic systems - I work both with specific...
Keywords: mathematical modelling | stochastic systems | statistical methodology | Bayesian modelling | graphical models
  Dr Alexander Greenhough
Post(s): Senior Research Associate, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Senior Research Associate, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Areas of expertise: Tumour cell survival mechanisms and colorectal cancer chemoprevention. Context-dependent roles for beta-catenin, HIF-1...
Keywords: tumour cell survival | colorectal cancer cell biology and chemoprevention | hypoxia and the tumour microenvironment | beta-catenin | transcription factors | apoptosis and autophagy | HIF-1 | COX-2, prostaglandins, NSAID and aspirin
  Professor Steven Greer
Post(s): Professor of Human Rights, University of Bristol Law School
Areas of expertise: Human rights generally but particularly institutional issues and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Keywords: human rights | human rights in Europe | European Convention on Human Rights
  Dr Alison Gregory
Post(s): Research Fellow (Traumatised and Vulnerable Populations), Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: Domestic violence and abuse - including impacts on the health and wellbeing of survivors, their children and their surrounding...
Keywords: domestic violence and abuse | trauma | informal support | community responses
  Dr Celia Gregson
Post(s): Consultant Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I run a UK-wide study intended to characterise patients with very dense bones, and to identify genetic abnormalities which...
Keywords: bones | dense bones | genetic abnormalities | high bone mass | reduced bone mass | osteoporosis | osteoarthritis
  Professor Claire Grierson
Post(s): Professor, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: We know that life is the product of complicated physical and chemical interactions between molecules, but how do these produce...
Keywords: development | differentiation | root hair development | cell growth | plants | interdisciplinary research
  Dr Elinor Griffiths
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: I research the basic mechanisms of energy production in the heart, how these enable the heart to beat, and what goes wrong...
Keywords: heart | metabolism | hormones | energy | calcium | ischaemia | heart disease | mitochondria
  Dr Rosemary Grogono-Thomas
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Science, Farm Animal Science
Areas of expertise: I am a veterinary surgeon specialising in infectious diseases of small ruminants, primarily sheep. I have an active research...
Keywords: Sheep Health and production | Footrot | infectious diseases | small ruminants | sheep | lameness | disease | farming
  Professor Paul Grout
Post(s): Professor of Political Economy, Department of Economics
Areas of expertise: I am Professor of Political Economy at the Centre for Market and Public Organisation. I am mainly interested in public organisation,...
Keywords: public organisation | law and economics | finance
  Dr Mike Gulliver
Post(s): Senior Research Associate, Department of History (Historical Studies)
Staff Development Officer (Research Fellows), Human Resources
Areas of expertise: My background is in languages and linguistic nationhood. More specifically in the history, cultural and identity politics...
Keywords: Deaf | Deafhood | Deaf space | sign language | nationhood | geography | translation | history
  Professor David Gunnell
Post(s): Professor of Epidemiology, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: I have a long-standing research and policy interest in the epidemiology and prevention of suicide in the UK and internationally....
Keywords: suicide epidemiology | mental health | lifecourse epidemiology | insulin-like growth factors | height and health | schizophrenia epidemiology
  Dr Will Guy
Post(s): Research Fellow, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: Research Interests • Social cohesion in Central & Eastern Europe • Ethnic relations in Central & Eastern Europe • Qualitative...
Keywords: Central Europe | Eastern Europe | ethnic relations | health inequalities | integration | Roma | Roma migration | Romani studies
  Dr Jessica Gwyther
Post(s): Research Associate, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the University of Bristol's Manners' Group. My PhD was on the synthesis, characterisation and self-assembly...
Keywords: Polyferrocenylsilanes | block copolymers | Self-assembly | Metallopolymer | Ring-opening polymerisation