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Personal details
Name Professor Leo Brady
Job title Professor of Biochemistry
Department School of Biochemistry University of Bristol
Contact details This expert can be contacted via the University of Bristol Public Relations Office.

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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BSc(Macq), DPhil(York)
Professional details
Keywords biomolecular structures
protein structure
protein crystallography
biomolecular interactions
molecular modelling
Areas of expertise My main research interest is Biomolecular Structures:

The vast majority of life processes result from the binding of a protein to another molecule. Understanding these interactions at the molecular level is the key to life itself, and provides invaluable insight for the treatment of diseases. Through the study of protein structure, primarily using protein crystallography, we aim to probe crucial biomolecular interactions central to a variety of diseases. The aim is very much to use this information to accelerate the development of new drugs and therapeutics. Studies within the group focus on a variety of proteins including immune system proteins, nerve growth factor receptors, transcription factors, plant cell-signalling proteins and metabolic enzymes involved in both malaria and Alzheimer's Disease. We employ a wide range of techniques from recombinant DNA technology, protein purification and characterisation, proteomics approaches through to structure determination using crystallography and molecular modelling.