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Name Professor Simon Kohn
Job title Professor of Mineral Sciences
Department School of Earth Sciences University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications MA(Oxon), PhD(Manc)
Professional details
Keywords minerals
the Earth
Areas of expertise My research interests are in the physical and chemical properties of materials (minerals, melts and fluids) that control large-scale processes in the Earth's interior.

Currently my research is mainly concerned with the interaction of volatile components such as water, carbon dioxide, sulphur and halogens with such materials and includes: measurement of volatile solubilities, dissolution mechanisms and diffusion rates in silicate melts and applications to degassing of magmas; use of trace water concentrations in phenocrysts as a tool in volcanology; the dissolution of hydroxyl and fluoride in silicate minerals and implications for cycling of volatiles in the deep Earth. The methods used in the research include high-pressure and temperature experiments, spectroscopy and microanalysis.