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Personal details
Name Professor Patricia Kuwabara
Job title William P. Coldrick Chair in Genomics
Department School of Biochemistry University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BA(Johns Hopkins), PhD(Penn)
Professional details
Keywords genetic tractability
C. elegans
organismal development
RNA mediated interference
fluorescent reporters
protein chemistry
Areas of expertise Our research group is taking advantage of the genetic tractability and the availability of the entire genome sequence of C. elegans to gain an integrated understanding of organismal development and physiology. We are using classical and functional genomic approaches, such as RNAi (RNA mediated interference), fluorescent reporters, protein chemistry and microscopic methods to study DNA damage responses and cell signalling pathways. The types of questions that we are interested in answering include: 1) How does a developing organism respond to UV induced DNA damage? 2) What is the role of lipid and protein trafficking in cytokinesis? and 3) How do signalling pathways evolve what facets are conserved and what aspects are organism specific? Students are encouraged to develop independence at an early stage, but are provided with a supportive environment and leave with a strong foundation in molecular, genetic and bioinformatic techniques.