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Details for Professor Alexander Gorodnik (Gorodnyk)

Personal details
Name Professor Alexander Gorodnik (Gorodnyk)
Job title Professor of Pure Mathematics
Department School of Mathematics University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications MS(Kyiv), PhD(Ohio)
Professional details
Keywords ergodic theory & dynamical systems
number theory
Areas of expertise My research interests are in the theory of dynamical systems and and its connections with other branches of mathematics such as number theory, geometry and representation theory. By a dynamical system I mean a space equipped with a group of transformations. The orbit structure of these transformations is typically very complicated: there are orbits that fill the space densely or accumulate on an exotic fractal set. Nonetheless, one can develop techniques to analyse statistical properties of orbits over long time periods. This problem is not only of fundamental importance in the theory of dynamical systems, but also has striking applications to number theory.
Languages (other than English)
Ukranian spoken    written
Russian spoken    written