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Personal details
Name Professor Alistair Hetherington
Job title Melville Wills Chair in Botany
Department School of Biological Sciences University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BSc, PhD(StAnd)
Professional details
Keywords cellular mechanisms
stomatal movement and development
stomatal aperture
cellular level stomata
guard cell signalling
sphingosine-based signalling
evolution of stomata
Areas of expertise The research in my group focuses on understanding the cellular mechanisms responsible for controlling stomatal movement and development. We have major interests in understanding how stomatal aperture and development are regulated by ABA, carbon dioxide and atmospheric relative humidity. At the cellular level stomata we maintain a strong interest in the calcium-based signal transduction network. We are also interested in the control of stomatal development by environmental signals and the evolution of stomata.

calcium-based signal transduction networks

guard cell signalling

sphingosine-based signalling

role of MYB family transcription factors in guard cell signalling

the control of stomatal development by light

the evolution of stomata