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Personal details
Name Dr Mike Gulliver
Job title Staff Development Officer (Research Fellows)
Senior Research Associate
Department Human Resources University of Bristol
Department of History (Historical Studies) University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BA(Essex), MSc(Bristol), MSc(Bristol), PhD(Bristol)
Professional details
Keywords Deaf
Deaf space
sign language
Areas of expertise My background is in languages and linguistic nationhood. More specifically in the history, cultural and identity politics and well-being priorities of linguistic minority groups.

My research explores what constitutes a 'DEAF space' (ie. reality as it is produced by Deaf people). My PhD describes a DEAF space that emerged in 19th century France and charts what happened as it encountered the taken-for-granted assumptions of the hearing world.

My areas of expertise are, in particular: located productions of knowledge, native and foreign questions of validity, power and representations of knowledge integrity and the issues surrounding translation.

I also have expertise in areas of post-colonial theory, development theory, oppression, post-conflict cultures, nationhood and nationalism, linguistics, translation, interpreting, cultural theory and social theory, geographies of disability, historical geography, historiography, Deaf politics, 19th century French history, secularisation, hermeneutics and liberation theology.
Languages (other than English)
French spoken    written
British Sign Language spoken   
Spanish spoken   
Media experience Radio and TV presentations in UK and Australia
Contributions to academic and political blogs
Responses to press articles