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Details for Professor Dave Cliff

Personal details
Name Professor Dave Cliff
Job title Professor of Computer Science/Academic Director for TQC
Department Department of Computer Science University of Bristol
Personal web page
Work contact details
Email address
Telephone number work(0117) 331 5109
Out-of-hours contact details home07977552250
Qualifications BSc(Leeds), MA(Sussex), PhD(Sussex), FBCS,CITP
Professional details
Membership of professional bodies Fellow of the British Computer Society

Director, UK National Research & Training Initiative in Large-Scale Complex IT Systems
Keywords large-scale complex IT systems
financial markets
automated trading
complex systems
evolutionary systems
cognitive systems
artificial intelligence
Areas of expertise My primary area of expertise is computer systems for trading in financial markets. In 1996 I designed an automated trading system that is adaptive (learns from experience); in 2001 a team of researchers at IBM showed that my algorithm beats human traders. My research has concentrated on automated trading systems since 1996.

More generally, I can comment on artificial intelligence, cognitive science, ultra-large-scale socio-technical systems, complex systems, and complexity science.
Media experience Extensive media experience. Frequently interviewed/quoted for articles/stories/segments in various media including print (e.g. Financial Times; The Economist; The Guardian, etc), national TV (BBC News live interview; BBC2 Newsnight VT interview; kids TV programmes, etc), and radio (BBC Radio 4 "Big Bang", Material World"; BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat).