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Details for Professor Simon Hiscock

Personal details
Name Professor Simon Hiscock
Job title Professor
Department School of Biological Sciences University of Bristol
Contact details This expert can be contacted via the University of Bristol Public Relations Office.

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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications MA, DPhil(Oxon), PGCE
Professional details
Keywords plant reproductive biology
pollen-stigma interactions
self-incompatibility in flowering plants
hybrid speciation in plants
parasitic plants
pollination biology
Areas of expertise My current areas of research include; plant reproductive biology; pollen-stigma interactions and self-incompatibility in flowering plants; hybrid speciation in plants; polyploidy; parasitic plants; pollination biology.

Work in the lab focuses on plant reproductive biology and plant speciation. We are particularly interested in the genetic and molecular basis of pollen-stigma recognition, i.e. how flowers decide who to mate with. We are also interested in genetic processes and genetic changes associated with hybrid speciation in plants and how new species become isolated from their parents.