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Details for Professor James Ladyman

Personal details
Name Professor James Ladyman
Job title Professor
Department Department of Philosophy University of Bristol
Work contact details
Email address
Telephone number work(0117) 331 0934
Qualifications MSc(Lond), BA(York), PhD(Leeds)
Professional details
Membership of professional bodies The Aristotelian Society
The Mind Association
British Society for the Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Science Association
Keywords philosophy
philosophy of science
philosophy of physics
philosophy of mathematics
science and religion
philosophical logic
Areas of expertise My background is in mathematics and theoretical physics, mathematical logic and philosophy. My main area of expertise is the philosophy of science, in particular, the philosophy of quantum mechanics, and the debate about scientific realism.

My interests also include general epistemology and metaphysics, the relationship between science and religion, philosophy of mathematics and philosophical logic.

I have recently published an introductory book called 'Understanding Philosophy of Science' which was chosen for an Outstanding Academic Text Award by the American Library Association.

I am currently working on the relationship between laws of nature and symmetry principles, as well as a number of articles on topics such as Bas van Fraassen's philosophy of science, the metaphysics of modality, and induction.
Media experience Interviews for Radio 4, local radio and for a video company