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Experts in 'quantum chaos'

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  Professor Mark Dennis
Post(s): Professor of Theoretical Physics, School of Physics
Areas of expertise: Optical and wave physics, focused on the geometric and topological structures formed by interference, diffraction and polarization. ...
Keywords: light | theoretical physics | topological optics | singular optics | statistical geometry | topology | quantum chaos | mathematical physics
  Professor Jens Marklof
Post(s): Professor of Mathematical Physics and Head of School of Mathematics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: -Quantum Chaos -Dynamical Systems -Equidistribution -Modular Forms
Keywords: quantum chaos | ergodic theory & dynamical systems | number theory | mathematical physics
  Professor Francesco Mezzadri
Post(s): Professor of Mathematical Physics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: Random matrix theory has found applications in a variety of areas of physics, pure and applied mathematics, probability,...
Keywords: random matrix theory | quantum chaos | statistical mechanics | number theory
  Dr Sebastian Muller
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: I am interested in quantum chaos, i.e., studying the quantum properties of systems whose classical time evolution is chaotic....
Keywords: quantum chaos | chaotic systems | condensed-matter theory | nonlinear phenomena | disordered systems
  Professor Jonathan Robbins
Post(s): Professor of Mathematics, School of Mathematics
Research Fellow in Mathematics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: Materials Science: liquid crystals, particularly in confined polyhedral geometries; applications to displays. Partial...
Keywords: materials science | liquid crystals | partial differential equations | quantum chaos | Maslov indices | nonrelativistic quantum mechanics
  Dr Martin Sieber
Post(s): Reader in Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: My main interests lie in asymptotical approximations for wave theories that are valid in the limit of short wave lengths....
Keywords: wave theories | quantum mechanics | geometrical optics | quantum chaos | random matrix theory | diffraction | wavefunctions | microlasers