ThermoQuest Trace MS

The ThermoQuest Trace MS is a single quadrupole, benchtop GC/MS instrument and is the 'work-horse' instrument for screening and characterising complex mixtures of volatile organic compounds. It is fitted with programmable temperature vaporising (PTV) and on-column injectors and operates solely in electron ionisation (EI) mode although it does have addtional pumping capacity for chemical ionisation (CI) in the event that it is upgraded in the future. A CTC A200S autosampler is fitted to the GC to facilitate high sample throughput.


  • Mass Range: 2-1023 Daltons
  • Mass Resolution: Fully adjustable up to 2500 at 1000 Daltons
  • Mass Stability: ±0.1 Daltons over 12 hours
  • Sensitivity: EI+ 50:1 on 10 pg benzophenone
Trace MS