PerkinElmer Turbomass Gold

The PerkinElmer Turbomass Gold is an advanced, benchtop GC-MS system. It boasts one of the fastest, widest mass ranges available for any quadrupole GC/MS which combined with its PerkinElmer Selected Ion and Full Ion (SIFITM) scanning technology makes it an extremely efficient means of providing complete characterisation of samples. This particular instrument has been equipped with a CDS 2500 pyrolysis autosampler and is dedicated to the provision of pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry (Py/GC/MS) to enable the analysis of more intractable, involatile macromolecules, e.g. ligin, cellulose, chitin, directly from natural materials of interest. The extremely narrow chromatographic peaks obtained using the Turbomass Gold make it the ideal choice of GC/MS to combine with a pyrolysis instrument, which usually generates highly complex mixtures of chemical components. The pyrolysis autosampler is connected to the GC via a standard split/splitless injector and the MS is capable of both EI and CI (+/-) modes of operation.


  • Mass Range: 1-1200 Daltons
  • Scan Rate: up to 60 scans/s
Turbomass Gold