Programme structure

We have designed this programme to be highly flexible, in order to enable you to develop a project that most suits your research interests.

First-year training

Your first year comprises taught units with related seminars and tutorials, as well as two research projects lasting 3.5 months each.

The taught units are as follows:

  • Foundations in Neuroscience
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Computational  Neuroscience
  • An optional unit

Through these units you will be equipped with the necessary understanding and skills to fully engage with the major research that will be the focus of your remaining three years, regardless of your academic background. A precise training plan will be drawn up for you by the programme directors and yourself, to take into account your background and interests.

Second to fourth years

From the second year, one of the two research projects you undertook in your first year will be developed into your full PhD project, co-supervised by at least one experimentalist and one theoretician. Further details on the structure of the programme can be found on the information for current students page.

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