Work in Progress Online: Environment and Activism

23 July 2020, 2.00 PM - 23 July 2020, 3.00 PM


Come and join us for a Brigstow work in progress conversation that brings together two of our current co-produced projects for brief work-in-progress presentations and an opportunity for questions and conversation from you. These interdisciplinary projects explore different responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency, from how young people from diverse backgrounds can best respond, to how digital technology can empower online consumers to make ethical choices. 

The projects are:

From Anxiety to Insight to Action: How can we best support young people from diverse backgrounds to make their own response to the climate and ecology emergency? with David Sands (Education), Rich Pancost (Earth Sciences), Oscar Berglund (Policy Studies), Myles-Jay Linton (Bristol Medical School), Lauren Hennessy (Education), Emma Cook and Amanda Colbourne (We the Curious) and Joe Hill (Creative Youth Network). 

I Didn’t Buy: Empowering online consumer activism against environmental collapse with Tim Kindberg (Matter II Media), Chris Priest (Computer Science) and Fiona Spotswood (Management).

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