RoB 2: Learning Live webinar series: Bias due to deviations from the intended interventions

21 July 2020, 9.00 AM - 21 July 2020, 10.00 AM

Julian Higgins (Professor of Evidence Synthesis,) and Jonathan Sterne (Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology), Department of Population Health Sciences, University of Bristol.


A series of nine Cochrane Learning Live webinars, all dedicated to Risk of Bias 2 (RoB 2), hosted by Cochrane Training.

This is the third webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, and will explain how to use the second domain of the RoB 2: bias due to deviations from the intended interventions. We will explain the difference between the effect of assignment to the intervention at baseline and the effect of adhering to the intervention as specified in the trial protocol, and we will review the signalling questions within the domain and how to answer them. We will show the algorithm for how answers to signalling questions are mapped to judgements about risk of bias for the domains, along with worked examples.

This session is intended for people who are interested in using RoB 2 to assess risk of bias in their review. In addition to review author teams, CRG editors can learn about the risk of bias due to deviations from the intended interventions so that they are able to assist authors with any queries they may have and also ensure information included in the review for this domain are relevant.

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