The dangers of opioid overdose: a breathtaking story in two parts

9 October 2017, 1.00 PM - 9 October 2017, 2.00 PM

Graeme Henderson (UoB)

Lecture C42, Biomedical Sciences Building

Snapshots: Seminars in Physiology, Neuroscience and Pharmacology 

Abstract: Snapshot 1. PZM21 is a new opioid drug supposedly devoid of the respiratory depressant and rewarding properties associated with other opioids such as heroin. This new ‘wonder drug’, developed as a G protein biased ligand, received much publicity when its pharmacology was first reported last year. Sadly, it may not be as wonderful as first thought…

Snapshot 2. The dangers of heroin overdose are exacerbated by heroin users also taking other drugs. In the UK deaths involving gabapentin and pregabalin along with opioids has rocketed in recent years.  In collaboration with the Bristol Drugs Project we have examined the misuse of gabapentin and pregabalin by heroin users to understand the motivation and perceived dangers behind using both types of drug. Then back in the laboratory we have examined how pregabalin and opioids interact to enhance respiratory depression.

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