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Professor David Gunnell


The epidemiology and prevention of suicide and suicidal behaviour

Research findings

Gunnell D, Hawton K, Kapur N, Donovan J, Potokar J, Hollingworth W, Lennon S, Davies R, Cooper J, Saunders K, Davies L, Metcalfe C, Longson D, Claydon D, O’Connor R. A multi-centre programme of clinical and public health research to guide health service priorities for preventing suicide in England NIHR 2012. April 2012-March 2017. £1,765,660

Iredale J, Sterne J, Angelini G, Ness A, Gunnell D, Lawlor D, Blazeby J. NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Bristol 1 April 2017-31 March 2021. £20,000,000 (Mental Health Theme: £2,170,000)

Campbell R, Jago R, Hickman M, Ben Shlomo Y, Gunnell D. NIHR School for Public Health Research II 2017-2022 Bristol budget £1,537,500

Kidger J, Gunnell D, Campbell R, Tilling K,  Hollingworth W, Murphy S, Evans R,  Ford T, Araya R. A cluster randomised controlled trial of an intervention to improve the mental health support and training available to secondary school teachers - the WISE (Wellbeing in Secondary Education) project. NIHR Public Health Research Programme. £1,296,600 1/12/15 - 30/04/19 (Ref: NIHR PHR 13/164/06)

Thomas K, Caldwell D, Welton N,  Munafo M, Gunnell D, Stevenson MD.  How do smoking cessation medicines compare with respect to their neuropsychiatric safety: a systematic review, network meta-analysis and cost effectiveness analysis. NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme (Ref: 15/58/18) £323,834 1 Sept 2016-31 Oct 2018

Caldwell D, Gunnell D,  Campbell R et al.  A network meta-analysis of complex interventions to improve mental health and emotional well-being of school aged children: evaluation of effective and cost-effective components. NIHR PHR. £296,668 To start Sept 2016 (University of Bristol and UCL).  

Mars B, Ford  T, Gunnell D, Hemani G, Heron J, Joinson C, Moran P, Relton C, Suderman M. Pathways to self-harm: Biological mechanisms and genetic contribution. Medical Research Council/ Medical Research Foundation. October 2017 - September 2019 £223,400.