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Professor Mark Griffiths

Practical applications of a portable EEG

I am a retired NHS Consultant in Special Needs Dentistry, formerly a lecturer in the Dental School and currently Visiting Professor to UCL. I have both medical and dental qualifications. I have a life-long interest in control of pain, fear and anxiety that stimulated studies into hypnotherapy and sedation. With the help of the University Research and Enterprise Development a pocket EEG monitor has been brought to market. A large part of its success is due to the novel spectral analysis algorithm and colour "heat" mapping visual display. The monitor is invaluable for following progress of hypnotherapy. It has also been used in sedation and general anaesthesia.

Research keywords

  • EEG
  • auto-correlation spectral analysis
  • hypnotherapy
  • sedation


  • The University of Surrey has recruited a Research Fellow to take on the application of computational intelligence research into the real world. In this project
  • we propose to apply Surrey's research on data mining in Alpha-Active's product. A proof-of-concept plug-in for the Alpha-Active HeadCoach EEG product will be developed
  • to classify EEG signals in real-time. The aim is to give a sports person feedback that is indicative of a figure of merit derived from the EEG data recorded during optimum performance. This may also be used in medical applications such as early screening for dementia.