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Dr Paul Anastasiades


After an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry (Sheffield) and master’s degree in Neuroscience (King's), I joined the lab of Simon Butt at Imperial College London for my PhD. In Simon's lab I studied the developmental role of GABAergic interneurons and the contribution of early network activity patterns to the formation of cortical circuits. During this time I become interested in the role of interneurons in neurodevelopmental disorders, many of which strongly impact the connectivity and function of the prefrontal cortex. I subsequently joined the lab of Adam Carter in New York (NYU) to study the circuitry and neuromodulation of the prefrontal cortex, focusing primarily on the thalamo‑cortical system and the role of inhibition and dopamine in prefrontal circuits. At Bristol my research will focus on combining the skills I learnt during my doctoral and postdoctoral research to understand the development of the prefrontal cortex in health and disease. 



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