Integrative systems neuroscience

Who is involved in integrative systems neuroscience?

A list of researchers involved in integrative systems neuroscience can be found by going to the People tab on the left hand navigation bar, then by selecting integrative systems neuroscience under 'Key areas'.

What is integrative systems neuroscience?

Individual neurons interact to form vast networks of cells which, in turn, work together to perform the functions of the nervous system. 

Integrative systems neuroscience addresses how these networks are formed and how they behave.  It is only by studying neurons in situ, in the whole intact organism, that we start to see how the nervous system functions and what goes wrong in disease.

In short, integrative systems neuroscience reveals how we can analyse sensory information, form memories, execute movements, make decisions, and all the other phenomena our nervous system carries out each day.

Where in BN is it mainly carried out?

How? Methods and techniques

Methods such as single unit recording, calcium imaging, retrograde tracers, multielectrode arrays, data analysis programming, plus essential in vivo techniques, are amongst the specialist skills that are the preserve of systems neuroscientists.

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