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New course for entrepreneurs

Press release issued: 10 July 2001

University launches course for entrepreneurs

What makes a successful entrepreneur? And how can businesses grow and prosper through innovation?

A new, flexible postgraduate programme has been launched by Bristol University as part of the Bristol Enterprise Programme, to help ambitious people find practical answers - whether they are about to start out in business or are already working in an established company. The postgraduate programme is the brainchild of the Bristol Enterprise Centre (BEC), whose remit is to develop entrepreneurship within the University and encourage the growth of technology-based businesses.

The first students will start the programme in October. Most are likely to be graduates of universities in the UK or overseas. They will be able to choose a one-year, full-time route or a two-year, part-time one. Those who successfully complete the programme will gain a Master's Degree; others may settle for a Certificate or Diploma, which can be completed in less time.

Programme Director Dr Peter Strachan said: "Until a few years ago, people said you couldn't teach entrepreneurship - they thought you either had it or you didn't. But now it's recognised that there's a core of knowledge and skills that can be acquired.

"We're looking to recruit people who are about to graduate and want to make themselves more attractive to employers; people who are planning to strike out in business on their own; and people working for companies that want to grow their business by developing their key staff." Some students may be able to access seed-corn funding through BEC to help them launch commercial ventures planned during the course. BEC Director Dr Neil Bradshaw said: "The University is working hard alongside its partner organisations to encourage and support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow."

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Bristol Enterprise Programme should contact Mary Brown on Bristol 954 5454 or email

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