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Earthquake hits At-Bristol

Press release issued: 13 March 2002

Earthquake hits At-Bristol

At-Bristol and the University of Bristol Earthquake Engineering Research Centre (EERC) have joined forces to set 68 students from schools in Bristol and Bath a challenge for science week. On a visit to Explore on Thursday 14 March, armed only with MDF, paper, string and glue, the students will attempt to construct scale models of building that will stand up to the strongest artificial earthquakes The EERC can generate.

Participating students will have a crash course in earthquake engineering before setting to work constructing vibration proof mini-buildings. At the end of the day they will visit the University of Bristol to see how their models stand up to the artificial earthquakes created on the EERC laboratory's shaking table.

The one-day course will put students' design and investigation skills to the test as well as helping them to develop communication, problem solving and teamwork skills. The team that create the model that stands up to the most violent earthquake will win a cash prize for each member, donated by the University of Bristol, and fantastic computer equipment for their school courtesy of BNFL.

Catherine Aldridge, At-Bristol Education Programmes Manager, said: 'There are more earthquakes each year than most of us would ever imagine, even in the UK. In fact tens of thousands of quakes of all sizes occur around the world each year. This fun challenge will help students to understand exactly what it takes to make a building stand up to the shock waves caused by earthquakes while encouraging them to work together.'

Dr Wendy Daniell, a researcher at Bristol University's Earthquake Engineering Research Centre, said: 'The one-day workshop is a great way of learning about how structures behave in earthquakes. It's also good fun and a way of helping to open up the University to local kids.'

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