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University goes green

Press release issued: 28 March 2002

University goes green

Bristol University will go green from April 1 when its main precinct in Clifton will be supplied with electricity from renewable resources, or 'green energy'. The precinct accounts for 64 per cent of the University's total electricity consumption.

By buying green energy, the University will cut its carbon dioxide emissions. This in turn will help reduce its contribution to climate change.

Currently, less than three per cent of the country's electricity is produced from renewable resources and a recent surge in interest makes it a scarce commodity.

The University's Energy and Environmental Management Unit has negotiated a contract for green energy that will not cost the University any extra money.

The Government has set a national target to generate ten per cent of UK electricity from renewable resources by 2010, and its recent energy review recommends an increase to 20 per cent by 2020.

Martin Wiles, the University's Energy and Environmental Manager, said: "The University is committed to improving its environmental performance. This contract will last for 12 months, and we hope to get a similar green energy deal next year."

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