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An expert's view of the web

Press release issued: 4 February 2002

An expert's view of the web

A pioneering Internet site to help students, academics, professionals and others find out which web sites leading social scientists find invaluable in their research has been launched by Bristol University.

Called 'Expert's Choice'; the new site can be found on the Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) at

Experts from a range of disciplines and sectors, as well as more 'popular' experts such as the Rt Hon Charles Kennedy, MP, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, and author Kate Pullinger, were asked to recommend their favourite web site and describe how they found the site useful.

SOSIG, which is part of Bristol University's Institute for Learning and Research Technology, receives over a million hits a month. SOSIG helps students, academics, researchers and professionals find the highest quality social sciences, business and law related information on the Internet.

Debra Hiom, Co-Director of SOSIG at Bristol University, said: ' The recommendations by experts have been made available to help inspire a new generation of social scientists to use the web.'

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