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Fairtrade fortnight arrives at Bristol University

Press release issued: 3 March 2004

Bristol University's Fair Trade Society (UBFT) is organising a programme of events during this year's national Fairtrade Fortnight [March 1 to 14].

Bristol University's Fair Trade Society (UBFT) is organising a programme of events during this year's national Fairtrade Fortnight [ March 1 to 14] to raise awareness amongst students about trade justice issues as part of the society's campaign to make Bristol into a Fair Trade University.

Planned activities during the fortnight include awareness stalls around the precinct with key information and free samples, a public lecture from Ghanaian cocoa growers and global economics experts and club nights and gigs in popular student nightspots where students will be able to buy certified Fairtrade cocktails.

The UBFT is working to transform Bristol into an accredited Fair Trade University.  In order to achieve Fairtrade accreditation the University must meet the five goals set up by the Fairtrade Foundation.  The goals include to stock and promote Fairtrade goods at University shops and outlets, serve Fairtrade products at University and Students' Union meetings and establish a written policy and steering group on setting and meeting Fairtrade targets.

Robert Hughes, Secretary of UBFT, said: 'The message we're trying to get across to students is through buying fairtrade products any one of us can bypass the massively complicated and equally unjust system of farming subsidies and exploitative trade practices and shop with a conscience.'

Events taking place during the fortnight include:

University-wide awareness stalls together with a petition to support making Bristol University a Fairtrade University, along with support for Oxfam's Big Noise trade justice campaign, a global petition to make trade fair.

Wednesday, March 3.  Public lecture, entitled Making it FAIR, from 7.30 pm at the Students' Union, Queen's Road, Bristol.   The speakers are two cocoa growers from Ghana, who have travelled to the UK especially for Fairtrade Fortnight.  Dr Marcus Power, whose interests include international development in Africa, will provide an overview of the global context in which Fairtrade operates together with Carolyn Choong from the Day Chocolate Company.

Wednesday, March 3.  Propaganda at The Level, Park Row, Bristol, goes Fairtrade from 9.30 pm.

Monday, March 8.  Fair Trade Rocks at the Louisanna, featuring the best of students live bands, As She Sleeps, The Bunker Boys, Fahrenheit 451 and solo guests.

Wednesday, March 10.  Fair Pay.  Fair Play. Club night at the Warehouse, Prince Street, Bristol, with fairtrade cocktails and chocolate bars.

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