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Shopping with science - and get your views direct to Downing Street

Press release issued: 17 March 2004

Broadmead will come alive with dinosaurs, erupting volcanoes and levitating frogs on March 19 and 20 when Bristol University moves out of the laboratory for Science Alive!

Cricketer, Mark Alleyne and Lord Robert Winston join together at The Galleries on Friday, March 19 at 10.30 am to launch Bristol University's Science Alive!

Broadmead will come alive with dinosaurs, erupting volcanoes and levitating frogs on March 19 and 20 when Bristol University moves out of the laboratory for Science Alive!  The event, in The Galleries, Broadmead, is the University's contribution to National Science Week - an annual event arranged by the British Association for the Advancement of Science to increase public engagement with science.

People of all ages will be able to find out the connection with diabetes, heart disease and jellyfish; try out some exercises to raise their heart rates or learn why different types of plant grow in different places. There will be 20 interactive displays, providing fun for the public, help in illuminating aspects of science, medicine, engineering and technology and the opportunity to chat with scientists about their work.  This year we will also be including some popular exhibits from Explore@Bristol, including The Bernoulli Blower and Mind Bending Mirrors.

People will be able to give their opinions about different areas of science.  No 10 has asked the University's Department of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences to collect some "vox pops" on people's views on health.  Fertility experts will be asking for the public's views on who should receive fertility treatments or sit down and chat with a scientist in the 'Meet a scientist' comfy chair area on Saturday, March 20.

The event will show the public some of the world-class research that's taking place on their doorstep.  It's a chance for the local community to share the discoveries and give their views.

The displays will include:

Soils and plants.  What makes soils different, why attracting wildlife to your garden can help species to survive, how plants work, and the pros and cons of weeds in the garden.

What goes on in your brain? There are 100,000,000,000 cells in the human brain.  Find out what it's like to have pictures taken of your brain with a mock-up MRI scanner.

Children of the 90s.  How can marching on the spot blindfolded help us to understand dyslexia?  ALSPAC's search for the strongest puff in Bristol using a peak flow meter.

How dinosaurs work.  Build a working model to take home that demonstrates some aspects of dinosaur biomechanics and engineering principles.

Where do drugs come from?  Drug development, including drugs from natural sources and the use of medicinal chemistry to create new drugs.

Improbable science.  Can frogs really levitate?  Exactly how long should you dunk a biscuit for?  Enter the weird and wonderful world of improbable science.

Incredibubble volcanoes.  When volcanoes erupt, they spew out red hot magma from deep underground - but why do they erupt at all?

Kathy Sykes, Professor of Public Engagement in Science and Engineering at Bristol University, said: 'Bristol is among the very top rank of research universities worldwide.  This is a great opportunity for local people to talk with the scientists behind the University's research, interact with the exhibits and give their views, that will be heard by scientists and politicians.'

Mark Alleyne, MBE, Head Coach and Club Captain of Gloucestershire County Cricket and Lord Professor Robert Winston, fertility expert and presenter of many BBC landmark series, will open Science Alive! at 10.30 am at The Galleries, Broadmead on Friday, March 19.

On Saturday, March 20, members of the public can sit down and chat with scientists about anything, in 'Meet the Scientists'.

Science Alive! will be open to the general public from 9 am to 5.30 pm on Friday 19 and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday, March, 20 with a private viewing (for invited guests, University staff and Alumni only) on the Friday evening.

Science Alive! stands will be located on the ground floor area of The Galleries, in Bristol's Broadmead Shopping Centre.



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