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Animal lovers in for an equine treat

Press release issued: 31 March 2005

Horse lovers are in for a treat on April 4 when Bristol University's Equine Centre, one of the world's foremost facilities of its kind, opens it doors to the public for an Equine Education Day.

Horse lovers are in for a treat on April 4 when Bristol University’s Equine Centre, one of the world’s foremost facilities of its kind, opens its doors to the public for an Equine Education Day.

The day will feature several leading experts who will be giving a series of talks, tours and demonstrations about key aspects of equine care.

 A broken leg can mean the end of a horse’s life but now, thanks to advances in equine care, this is no longer always the case.  Horses can suffer from a wide variety of bone injuries, from small chips that may need to be removed to major breaks that necessitate a lot of metallic plates and screws to help stabilise them.  The day will begin with a talk from Dr Alistair Barr, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Surgery on ‘Fractures in Horses’ which will illustrate some of the injuries that can occur and how these are routinely managed at the Veterinary School. 

A tour and ward round of the Equine Hospital stables, designed to hospitalise horses in the safest possible environment, will be given by Laura McCluskie who will be talking through the cases there at present. This will be followed by a demonstration of the equine treadmill and ultrasound used to investigate performance levels and provide clinical evaluations.  

Commonly encountered equine emergencies will be described in the next talk entitled ‘Coping with Equine Emergencies’.  Henry Tremaine, Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery will explain the methods used to appraise an emergency situation, the appropriate first aid and the course of veterinary treatment, both in the field and at referral centres.  This is followed by a talk entitled ‘The Neonatal Foal – In Sickness and in Health’ given by Nigel Woodford. 

The day, organised by The Langford Trust for Animal Health and Welfare, will take place on Monday 4 April, Langford House, University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Science, Langford, North Somerset, Bristol from 10 am to 4 pm.

Tickets are priced at  £50.  For further information please contact, Elizabeth Coombs, tel 0117 928 9207 or email

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