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New book tackles the often complex and confusing world of pensions

Press release issued: 31 May 2007

A new book from The Policy Press at the University of Bristol tackles the often complex and confusing world of pensions in a clear and concise way.

Ever wondered how the government's pensions policy will affect you?


If you have then Pensions by Michael Hill, a new book from The Policy Press at the University of Bristol, is for you.


There is a lot of debate – and inevitable misunderstanding – about the current state of pensions policy. Pensions provides a much-needed introductory guide to the key issues that inform that debate and challenges some of the dominant ideas and assumptions.


According to Help the Aged, the UK population is set to increase gradually from 59.2 million in 2002 to 64.8 million by 2031. The average age of the population is also set to rise from 39.3 in 2002 to 43.6 by 2031.The number of people over retirement age is projected to rise by 11.9 per cent, from 10.9 million in 2002 to 12.2 million in 2011. Simply put, we live in a country with more older people living for longer.


The Financial Times reported recently that the number of people saving adequately for retirement is only 46 per cent, and that almost a quarter of people do not know where their main income in retirement will come from. According to the National Association of Pension Funds, the average private pension pot on retirement provides an income of just £1,800 per year.


Michael Hill argues that because most people think of pensions as 'devices to secure savings from earnings to provide income replacements in old age', insufficient attention is paid to the needs of older people and the contributions they continue to make to society.


The book also provides an historical overview of pensions, looks at alternative pension models and addresses pension reform.

Further information

  1. Pensions by Michael Hill is available for £12.99 from The Policy Press.
  2. Pensions is the first of a new series of books, Policy and Politics in the Twenty-First Century, which offer a guide through key policy issues. Forthcoming titles include Education by Stephen J. Ball, Health by David J. Hunter and Sustainable Development by Michael Cahill.
  3. Michael Hill is Emeritus Professor of Newcastle University and currently a Visiting Professor at University of Brighton and Queen Mary College, University of London.
  4. Michael Hill is available for interview and can be contacted via Jacqueline Lawless at The Policy Press on 0117 331 4097 or email
  5. The Policy Press is a leading social science publisher based at the University of Bristol.
Please contact Jacqueline Lawless for further information.
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