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Security awareness: new site for staff and students

18 October 2007

Information Services has launched a website advising University staff and students on how to protect their computers, their data and themselves from viruses, identity fraud and other hazards.

There has been much publicity recently about internet, computer and data security. Recent weeks have seen the publication of a Government White Paper on Personal Internet Security and the third annual National Identity Fraud Prevention Week.

What the news stories and campaigns tell us is that we have to be not just aware of the dangers posed by computer viruses, identity fraud and other hazards, but proactive in preventing ourselves from becoming victims.

A security awareness website has recently been launched by Information Services with information for University staff and students about how to protect your computer, your data and yourself from viruses, identity fraud and other hazards.

The website is intended to raise awareness of the dangers inherent in our networked way of living and working. It also directs users to sources of advice if they want to protect themselves or if they fear that their computer has been infected or their identity stolen.


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