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March e-learning workshops for staff

21 February 2008

A summary of March workshops for staff, run by the Education Support Unit, to encourage the use of technology in learning, teaching and assessment at Bristol.

The following workshops are coming up in March:

Using audio in teaching and learning
This workshop is intended for staff wishing to explore the potential uses of audio in their teaching, learning and/or administration. The activities will focus on a range of different applications, including the capturing and use of audio in lectures, the use of audio in small-group work, and the creation of audio learning objects. By the end of it you will have created a podcast (audio file for delivery) and synchronised audio with presentational material.
4 March 2008

Introduction to Blackboard
This workshop is intended for staff who wish to take advantage of the facilities available in Blackboard for teaching, learning, assessment and administration. The workshop introduces Blackboard, the University-supported virtual learning environment, and gives participants hands-on experience of reviewing, planning and populating an online course.
10 March 2008

Online assessment: tools and methods
The University of Bristol’s eLearning strategy places considerable emphasis on developing computer-assisted methods across the institution. This is an introductory session for lecturers who are interested in online formative and summative assessment. The workshop will introduce participants to modes and methods of online assessment and will offer hands-on opportunities to create their own questions using a variety of tools/formats.
13 March 2008

Using handheld and mobile devices for learning and teaching
This workshops aims to address the issue of the appropriate and effective use of handheld technologies, including Personal Digital Assistants, in supporting a wide range of teaching and learning tasks.
28 March 2008

For more information, or to book a place, please visit the Staff Development website.

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