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Look who’s talking

3 March 2008

Intute: Social Sciences, an online information service based at the Universities of Bristol and Birmingham, will be featuring a series of articles on blogs as part of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science on 7-16 March.

With over 70 million blogs worldwide this new breed of online commentating has taken the internet by storm and has the potential to be a significant source of information, debate and research material for social scientists.

Throughout the festival, Intute: Social Sciences will be featuring a series of articles by their subject editors on the blogs they find the most useful in their work. Whether it is online sources of political gossip, an insight into the latest economic issues or how psychological research may tell you more about what you are thinking and why, the editors at Intute: Social Sciences will guide you through the social science blogosphere.

Visit the Intute website each day during the festival to find a new article picking out some favourite blogs.

Intute: Social Sciences provides a selected guide to the best of web for the social sciences, including law, business, hospitality, sport and tourism. It is part of a nationally funded service hosted by MIMAS at the University of Manchester and is a collaboration between seven universities, supported by a network of partnerships with other universities and organisations. For more information about the service, please contact Debra Hiom on 0117 928 7117, email 

The Festival of Social Science is organised by the ESRC and runs alongside National Science and Engineering Week. It celebrates some of the best in British social science research, as well as highlighting the ways in which social science makes a difference to everyday lives. Press releases detailing some of the events are available on the ESRC website. For more information, please contact the ESRC Press Office on 01793 413032, email

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