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Intute offers new internet resource subject booklets

9 April 2008

Intute, an internet service co-run by the University’s Institute of Learning and Research Technology, has published eight new subject booklets this month, each providing a taster of the scholarly internet resources that can be found by using Intute services.

  • Internet resources for environmental science
  • Internet resources for materials engineering
  • Internet resources for film and theatre
  • Internet resources for philosophy
  • Internet resources for education
  • Internet resources for Olympic studies
  • Internet resources for biological sciences
  • Internet resources for pregnancy and childbirth

Print copies of the booklets are being distributed to teaching staff in UK universities, to remind lecturers that they can use the Intute database to guide their students to websites that are relevant to higher education courses, and the Intute Virtual Training Suite to help their students develop internet research skills for university work.

Online versions (pdf for downloading and printing, and html for online access with clickable links) are freely available to everyone via the Intute website.

Over 24 booklets have been published by Intute in recent years, and you are welcome to copy, re-purpose and distribute the printed or electronic versions for non-profit, educational use with suitable attribution, as the work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

Staff in UK universities are welcome to order further print copies of the booklets via the Intute Help Desk (while stocks last).


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