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June e-learning workshops for staff

22 May 2008

A summary of June workshops for staff, run by the Education Support Unit, to encourage the use of technology in learning, teaching and assessment at Bristol.

The following workshops are coming up in June:

Further developing your Blackboard skills
This course is for staff who are already familiar with the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment and wish to further develop their skills and use. The session will respond to the needs of the participants and will involve using some of Blackboard’s more advanced features. There will be the opportunity to discuss effective use of these features and gain hands-on experience.
3 June 2008

Strategies for successful online discussion
Online communication using synchronous or asynchronous discussion can be an effective way of providing flexible support and collaborative activities for students. The use of these tools offers opportunities for developing new skills and methods for learners and teachers. This workshop will provide an introduction to using Blackboard’s communication tools, looking at how it can be most effectively used in support of online and face-to-face learning and teaching.
11 June 2008

Finding resources on the internet for learning, teaching and research
An introduction to finding resources on the internet that can support learning, teaching and research. The workshop will introduce some key national internet services for the academic community. It will also look at a selection of internet search tools, which can be used to find resources such as: online newspapers and books, electronic journals, scholarly email discussion groups, organisational websites, online teaching resources, images and databases accessible over the web.
24 June 2008

For more information, or to book a place, please visit the Staff Development website.

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