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Former students unite

3 July 2008

More than 600 former Bristol students will return to the University this weekend for the 2008 Convocation Reunion Weekend.

Every year the University invites its former students back to Bristol for a weekend of reminiscence and rediscovery. This year’s Convocation Reunion Weekend takes place from Friday 4 July to Sunday 6 July and will be attended by over 600 former students from as far away as Australia, Barbados and Canada. Former students of all age groups and walks of life are preparing for a weekend of catching up with classmates, friends and Bristol academics and staff. As well as rediscovering familiar and brand new faces of the city, they will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in teaching and research.

Dr Stuart Goldsmith (BA 1966, Hon LLD 2007), Chairman of Convocation, the University’s statutory body of students, graduates and staff, said: ‘We are all very proud to be part of the University of Bristol community. Our alumni achieve great things and many have made a huge impact on society. The reunion weekend is a wonderful opportunity to come back to this exciting city to celebrate our friendships, the success of the University and the careers Bristol alumni have gone on to lead.’

Attending the weekend will be alumni who graduated as far back as 1943 as well as those who have only just received their degree certificate this year. Many alumni have organised their own mini-reunions over the weekend. Several will stay in their old halls of residence. One former student will include the celebration of his 50th graduation anniversary in his honeymoon during the reunion weekend as he returns to Bristol from Japan with his new wife.

Highlights of the reunion programme include, for example, a visit to Bristol ChemLabS, the country’s only Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning that is devoted solely to chemistry. Guests will also have the opportunity to attend a talk by Professor Ian Cluckie of the Department of Civil Engineering on ‘Storms, Floods and Microwaves’ and their impact on society. Very popular with attendees is a lunch on the water as part of a guided Harbourside boat trip with Dr Mark Horton from the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology and a presenter on BBC Two’s Coast programme.

The University is in contact with 100,000 former students in the UK and in 170 countries around the world. In 2009, the University will be celebrating its centenary, which will include a full calendar of activities for all former students. Further information on alumni events and services can be found on the alumni website.

The University’s centenary celebrations will also include much that is of interest to the wider Bristol community. Details will be released later this year of the public art, publishing, public lecture and other projects that are now being developed.

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