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Aeschylus at the Wickham

Press release issued: 9 January 2009

Final year undergraduates will provide a rare opportunity to see one of the foundation stones of Western theatre in its entirety when their production of The Oresteia comes to the Wickham Theatre from 22 - 24 January.

The trilogy of three plays - Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides - with their forceful portrayal of conflicts that strike at the core of family, social and political life, and of relations between the sexes, speaks directly to us still, while their sheer theatricality and thrilling plot makes for an exciting time in the theatre.

The production is in no sense an attempt to mirror Greek theatre practice.  The aim has been to explore how these old plays can be presented now.  The production is not set in ancient Greece, nor is it set in any other specific period, beyond being generally ‘modern', and takes place in a recognisable, but not identifiable, place. 

Aeschylus' trilogy, one of the greatest influences on the development of theatre, moves between the natural and supernatural worlds, mixing mortals and gods, while blending and contrasting patterns of vibrant verbal and visual stage imagery.

The Oresteia is performed in a version by the celebrated poet and playwright Tony Harrison, an adaptation that creates driving, flexible rhythms and inventive vocabulary that match the brilliance of Aeschylus's original.

Performances are on 22-24 January. Tickets:  £5 (£3 concessions) available from St. George’s Bristol on 0845 40 24 001 or Waterstone’s on Tyndall Avenue

Please Note: early start at 7pm.  Latecomers cannot be admitted to the auditorium until the first interval, after Agamemnon. The performance runs approximately 3½ hours, including two intervals.

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