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CMPO hits the headlines

Professor Simon Burgess

Professor Simon Burgess

21 April 2009

Research from the University's Centre for Market and Public Organisation is featured in the Guardian and Independent today [21 April].

New research by Professor Simon Burgess and colleagues from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation, showing that children taught by the worst teachers get at least a grade lower pass mark at GCSE than those taught by the best, is featured in the Independent today [21 April].

 Professor Burgess will be interviewed about the report, Do teachers matter?, on Radio 5 Live Drive shortly after 5pm today.

 Research by Steven Proud, also from the Centre, which shows that boys fare worse at English when there are girls in their class, is reported on in today‚Äôs Guardian.

Mr Proud will be discussing the findings of the report, Girl Power?, at the Royal Economic Society's annual conference today.

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