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22 June 2009

A round-up of the stories making the headlines recently.

18 June

Street lighting disturbs commuting bats

Light pollution could have serious consequences for slow-flying bats on their nightly commute from the roost, according to new research by Emma Stone, a PhD student and lead author on the study in the University’s School of Biological Sciences.

The story was covered by BBC News Online, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and Herald de Paris.

GCSE results unaffected by ethnic segregation

According to new research, led by Professor Simon Burgess from the University’s Centre for Market and Public Organisation, ethnic segregation in schools and neighbourhoods in England has neither a negative nor a positive effect on how pupils from different ethnic groups perform at school.

The story was covered in The Independent.

17 June

Recessionary times

Economist Professor Paul Gregg from the University’s Centre for Market and Public Organisation  was interviewed on Sky News about the effects of the recession on young and unskilled workers.

Sarah Smith, also from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation, was interviewed by the BBC about ‘intrinsic motivation’, or people’s motivation to work because they care or want to do something important not just because they are being paid to do so, in the context of British Airways’ request to staff to work for free.

16 June

Lucy Collins, Head of Widening Participation and Undergraduate Student Recruitment, was interviewed on BBC Radio Somerset’s Morning Show about the advantages of going to university.

15 June

Diet foods encourage overeating

Dr Jeff Brunstrom, Senior Lecturer, Department of Experimental Psychology, will present research findings into why sticking to low-calorie meals often fails to shift the pounds at a forthcoming British Nutrition Foundation conference.

The story was covered in The Daily Telegraph,The Independent, The Daily Mail and The Times of India.

9 June

Professor Peter Townsend, 1928-2009

Obituaries of Professor Peter Townsend appeared in The Guardian , The Independent, The Times and on the UTV news website .

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