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Students have their say

3 February 2010

The Students’ Union, which represents University of Bristol students, is hosting its Annual General Meeting (AGM) this week (Thursday 4 February). The event gives students the opportunity to have a say about how the Union works for them.

The AGM is a key date in the Union’s calendar where motions, submitted by students, are debated and voted on by members. Every student is a member of the Students’ Union, so the AGM is open to all. Undergraduate teaching is suspended for the afternoon of the AGM to allow as many students as possible to take part. Students can vote on the day for the motions of their choice and motions are only passed if they receive enough votes. Student input at the AGM will play a vital role in shaping the Union and its policies. 

Topics put forward for motions include 24-hour libraries; a better student experience; supporting widening participation at the University of Bristol; student satisfaction feedback through student representatives; consistency in naming student clubs and societies; recognition of hidden course costs; Union provision of Fairtrade products where possible; and representation and support for students with dependants.

The AGM takes place at the Students’ Union on Thursday 4 February at 2 pm. More information and a full list of motions is available.

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