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International spotlight on Bristol’s PWE work

16 April 2010

The University of Bristol’s Positive Working Environment (PWE) agenda is to be featured at the 39th International Federation of Training and Development Organisation’s (IFTDO) London conference in Olympia on 20 April.

Christian Carter, Organisational Development Manager (Staff Development), will deliver a presentation about the University’s achievements over the past 10 years in creating and maintaining a working environment that is ‘productive, rewarding, enjoyable and healthy for all colleagues’. At last year’s IFTDO conference in Canada, Bristol’s PWE agenda was the overall winner in the IFTDO 2009 Global Human Resource Development Awards.

The event is being hosted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. IFTDO is a global network of training and development professionals. Its conference brings together the training and development community to share learning, experiences, best practice and the latest industry developments. Bob Morton, the University’s Vice-Chair of Council, is Chief Executive of IFTDO.

Christian Carter said: ‘Maintaining a positive working environment for all staff is just as applicable in tough times as well as times when the outlook is brighter. Only staff have the ability to make the university really succeed; the manner in which they are managed, developed, feel valued and treat one another is central to our success. I am proud that Bristol considers PWE to be as important today as it was eight years ago and that we have been recognised once again by IFTDO.’

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