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Bristol ChemLabS in France

A chemistry workshop gets under way

A chemistry workshop gets under way

12 May 2010

Bristol ChemLabS has been working with the British Council and the Ecole Nationale de Chimie (ENSC) in Lille to deliver higher education/chemistry workshops for French students.

The 14- to 15-year-old pupils involved were from the ‘ambition réussite’ network of schools. These schools are situated in areas with large immigrant communities and/or high levels of unemployment, or where residents’ socioeconomic status is classified as low.

The experienced outreach team for the week comprised three postgraduate chemists: Katie Shaw, Mohamed Benema and Adele Laurain (the latter two being French nationals). Tim Harrison, Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow, accompanied the team for the first part of the week. The workshops, which were delivered in both English and French, involved lecture demonstrations, talks on higher education and hands-on practical work for the students at ENSC’s laboratories and lecture theatres.

The workshops were funded by the British Council’s Science in Schools Diversity Workshop Week Project. Bristol ChemLabS has already delivered similar successful workshops with the British Council in Marseille (in 2009) and in Bobigny, Paris (in 2008).

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